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Release notes: 24.12 | My Shift Resourcing
Release notes: 24.12 | My Shift Resourcing

My Shift Resourcing release notes

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We are excited to introduce My Shift Resourcing as part of our 24.12 release. My Shift Resourcing, a new feature of CiteOps that caters to Shift Supervisors who are responsible for creating operational shift plans. This feature builds upon the existing weekly and 24h plans in CiteOps by providing process owners with an easy way to allocate planned tasks to locations, equipment, and personnel.

The easy to use web-based shift-lineout tool supports drag-and-drop task assignments, providing real-time feedback on the expected utilization of locations, equipment, and personnel. Shift notes and comments can be added for additional context regarding the work plans.

My Shift Resourcing is fully supported by CiteOps' powerful personnel rostering capabilities, as well as our recently released skills and qualifications management capabilities. This ensures that the right resources are allocated to the right work at the right time.

The My Shift Resourcing screen button is located right under Scheduler and consists of 3 main sections:

1. Notes

2. Resource Allocation

3. Check Utilization.

1. Notes: Capture shift and safety notes.

2. Resource Allocation: Flexible approach to allocating people and equipment, that can be Equipment Driven, People Driven, Task Driven and Location Driven.

Equipment Driven screen

People Driven screen

Task Driven screen

Location Driven screen

Within the Resource Allocation, there is an Undo functionality. When changes have been made (notes written or resources assigned), they will be saved automatically for 5 seconds. The user has the ability to cancel them prior to the 5 seconds by clicking on the “Undo” button that appears as a pop-up at the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. Check Utilization

A quick visualization of how well you have utilised your people, equipment, and locations during the shift.

All work assignments appear automatically on custom or out-of-the-box shift plan printouts, as well as on mobile tablet and phone interfaces for digital field operations.

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