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Release Notes - 24.10
Release Notes - 24.10
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We are excited to introduce the latest release notes in our ongoing commitment to continuous review and improvement with a focus on performance and interoperability.

CiteOps 24.10 is destined to make usability both functional and highly efficient with search, filter and group navigation on single task planning made so much easier through these latest changes.

Improvements and Benefits

Test Mode Indication

  • Provides a strong indication that the user is in the Test (User Acceptance Testing) environment of CiteOps preventing accidental or unnecessary data entry.

  • The Test (User Acceptance Testing) environment is indicated by the pink menu bar and the “Test Mode” label in the screen titles.

Extended Forms Functionality

  • Time-saving benefits by reducing data entry across multiple screens

  • Enhanced visuals of the form in table view and allowing upload attachments to task form (e.g. photos of defects, work areas etc).

Progressive Web App Mobile (PWA) Improvements

  • PWA mobile improvements will enable rapid filtering and downloading of task attachments for safe execution of tasks.

  • Users can quickly access information by filtering on people, task types, locations, and equipment.

  • Capacity to quickly download task attachments, permit printouts with attachments and sign-off sheets, and display task checklist questions in vertical List View on the UI and in Table View

New Bar Contents for Taskbars on the Scheduler screen

  • Improvements to the bar contents display options mean the user can configure the taskbars on the Scheduler based on what is of relevance to them.


  • Regular review and updates of CiteMap, our interactive digital map which gives teams real-time awareness of the plan, people, equipment, work and hazards on site, are also benefitting from improvements.

Improvements and benefits

  • Navigation improvement: Clients who have integrated CiteMap with CiteOps, are now able to access CiteMap instantly from the navigation board.

  • CiteMap is a new addition to the Commit Works suite and is available as an Add-on.

Small Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Print Shift Plan option default setting

  • Fixed an issue with Schedule Screen – Icon not turning blue when a user is currently on the Schedule Screen

  • Fixed an issue with Recurrence. Unable to delete Standard Task with recurrences that have ended.

  • Fixed an issue with Fewzion Shift Plan. Assigned Equipment not shown on the shadowed task

  • Fixed an issue with Forms. The saved child question in the list of questions shouldn’t have ‘Applicable To’ fields filled in

  • Fixed an issue with ‘Oops Out of Date Task’ popup showing Fewzion instead of CiteOps

  • Fixed an issue with Equipment Schedule. Unable to set any ‘Sort by Option’ as default

  • Fixed an issue with Actuals screen. Unable to scroll task instructions on the Actuals screen

  • Fixed an issue with Users Manage Screen. Deleted equipment is being shown on the default equipment field

  • Fixed an issue with Shift Plan – Accepted shadowed tasks not displaying

  • Fixed an issue with Shift Notes. Shift Notes copying over until the last shift plan creation and not on the intended date.

  • Fixed an issue with Planning Board. Some tasks with forms that were set up with ‘Slider Answer Type’ are showing ‘Text Answer Type’

  • Fixed an issue with Gantt. When the first view is created, it is not displayed on the top panel in the view’s drop-down

  • Fixed an issue with Roster. UI. The text on the buttons on the Import Settings is invisible

  • Fixed an issue with Roster. UI. Add Leave is written in lower case

  • Fixed an issue with the Scroll bar is not working in some pop-up windows on Manage Screen

  • Fixed an issue with Homepage. Fewzion instead of ‘CiteOps’ in Password Screen

  • Fixed an issue with Actuals. When setting values to the tasks as N/A on the Actuals screen, it is showing as 1000000

  • Fixed Display issues in Shift Schedules screen (department filter)

  • Fixed an issue with Planning board. Recurring standard tasks are dropping the equipment at some point

Issues Resolved in 24.10.23

  • Fixed an error when making people unavailable in the Shift Schedule screen

  • Fixed an issue where a new Form with a checklist could be created with an empty question field

  • Fixed an issue where changing a checklist question in a duplicated Form impacted the original form

  • Fixed an issue where a Form checklist question would be duplicated if the category was changed

  • Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to add a Form checklist question

  • Fixed an issue where all deleted Forms would appear for a moment in the UI

  • Fixed an issue where a Form checklist category would not always be displayed correctly

  • Fixed the labelling of the Forms checklist category types

  • Fixed an issue where a child Form would keep its parent reference when changing category

  • Fixed an issue with deleting multi-selected tasks in the Scheduler

  • Fixed an issue with the User Username field not being imported for Smart Imports

  • Fixed an issue with the User Occupation field not being updated for Smart Imports

  • Fixed an issue where the Unit measure of a Task would disappear when changing the target amount

  • Fixed an issue where the Accept/Reject buttons for a shadow task were not always visible

  • Fixed an error when trying to drag a Standard Task with a manually added tag

Issues Resolved in 24.10.26

  • Fixed issues creating and editing Forms with a ‘Number’ answer type

  • Fixed an issue with the Reports interface showing deleted Forms when printing Form answers

  • Fixed an issue with the Manual Form not working on the Actuals screen

  • Fixed an issue with the Planning Board not grouping Tasks correctly when a new Task was added to the group

  • Fixed an issue with Planning Board not showing completion percentage for zero target Tasks

  • Fixed an issue with the Mobile app allowing incorrect actual time inputs

  • Fixed an issue with integration log hygiene

  • Fixed an issue with Smart Imports creating entries for empty rows

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