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Release Notes 24.5
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Version 24.5.0 (Build number 24.5.0+0)


We are pleased to announce our v24.5 release. The key objective of the release is to enable shift bosses/supervisors to enter actuals easily during the shift regardless of their location and access to the internet.

The mobile progressive web app (PWA), provides the key functionality of the CiteOps Actuals screen in an easy-to-use layout designed specifically for the small screen of a mobile. The mobile PWA is compatible with both IOS and Android phones.

As part of this release, we have also enhanced CiteOps' security, understanding that some of our clients' mobile devices cannot connect directly to their site's production network. With our security enhanced, shift bosses & supervisors can enter their actuals securely using their mobile devices, outside of their corporate network.

New Features

Mobile PWA

The mobile PWA allows shift bosses & supervisors to quickly enter their actuals during shift from their mobiles regardless of location or access to the internet.

To access the mobile PWA:

  • Open your chrome browser

  • In the address bar enter your site's Mobile URL, which is your site's address + mobile - example:

  • Once the website has loaded, add the application to your mobile's home screen

  • You require the Deputy role and a username & password to log into the app

To work offline with the mobile PWA:

  • Before you shift starts, open the mobile PWA on your device whilst connected to the internet

  • Check that you have the latest up-to-date data

  • Proceed to use the app offline

Once logged in:

  • Switch between shifts and processes

  • Switch between tabs to access the Actuals screen you require

  • Download the shift plan report to see a summary of your enter actuals and tasks or shift plan attachments


  • Fixed an issue where CiteOps was returning an uncaught exception when making people unavailable.

  • Added extra logging to the smart import indicating to users when scheduled tasks are not imported to due to the date range filter.

  • Added confirmation message, when users change the "Sort By" order on the Location manage screen.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to drag and drop one of the split tasks into a different location, both would be moved.

  • Fixed an issue where calculated shift plan KPIs did not recalculate when updating their inputs via the KPIs set/reset feature.

  • Fixed an issue where CiteOps returned an uncaught type error when printing the A3 shift schedule report

  • Fixed an issue where CiteOps returned an uncaught error when attempting to edit the same user more than once in the same session.

Break-in Changes

  • The "Guest" login was removed

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