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Release Notes 24.3
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V24.3 Release – Task Start Time & End Time Improvements

Actual Task Start and End Time improvement recognizes that various operations may have different requirements and operational roles and responsibilities to capture task completion information. The improved functionality allows operations to configure task completion options to balance user experience with reporting requirements. For example, mines with control room operators can now capture actual task start and end times in the Scheduler screen by simply moving and re-sizing the task bar.

v24.3 Release – Enable Start Time

For each process, you can now choose whether to enable the Start Task functionality or Complete Task only.

Enable Start Time: it is best to enable Start Time for processes, where the majority of tasks’ start time can be entered into CiteOps in near real time.

No (Complete Tasks only): it is best to select No (Complete Tasks only) for processes, where the majority of the tasks start time will be entered after the task has been completed, with the actual End time and Actual. For processes where you are not tracking the actual Start & End Time, then No (Complete Tasks only), is the best practice.

To note, No (Complete Tasks only) is the default for all users.

V24.3 Other Improvement & Bugs


1. Fixed an issue where CiteOps was returning a 500 error when lending equipment on the Shift Schedule screen

2. Fixed an issue where the Current Equipment Schedule was not updated after applying the Master Scheduler

3. Fixed an issue where users were unable to move tasks with compliance breaches to the Planned Tasks panel

4. Fixed an issue where users were allowed to delete tasks from a standard job, breaking the standard job

5. Fixed an issue where on the Scheduler filtering by Related locations “equal to” was displaying the correct tasks on the screen

6. Fixed an issue where the Custom Reports could not be sent automatically

7. Fixed an issue where the Scheduler was intermittently returning an uncaught error on the Scheduler, resulting in the scheduler screen freezing

8.Fixed an issue where the assigned equipment was not imported when import scheduled tasks via the smart import

9. Fixed an issue where the Actuals screen dashboard were not loading data for the Month to date period

10. Fixed an issue where values entered into the task right click context menu was not saving for short interval control

11. Fixed an issue where CiteOps was returning an uncaught error Week 3,4 &5 screen when a user clicked on a shadow task

12. Fixed an issue where Tasks scheduled at the start of the first shift on the Scheduler screen where not included in the aggerate targets columns

13. Fixed an issue where Location tags on other scheduler views do not update on the tasks unless a user refreshes


  • Added “Show shift handover signoff section” on the Manage Process screen, for sites that have it enabled. To allow users to add the section to their shift plans when printing from the Actuals screen

  • Added extra tables and columns to the BI Point integration. No breaking changes to the data structure.

  • Updated .net from 4.7 to 4.8

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