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Release Notes 24
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V24 Progressive Web App (PWA)

v24.0 introduces our scalable approach to offline functionality and the ability to support a varying range of devices and operating systems, we choose PWA for the following reasons:

  • Better security - enforces use of HTTPS and best practices.

  • Better Performance: allows users to access data faster thanks to intelligent caching.

  • Offline Functionality: allows users to use CiteOps while offline.

  • Cross Platform: works on almost any device that support Chrome/New Edge browsers. iOS devices are the exception due to iOS limitations on browsers other than Safari.

Shift Bosses, Deputies; the Crew Leaders executing the shiftly plan were the focus of the first phase of PWA and Offline functionality. As such, for phase one of the PWA we have refactored the TouchUI (Actuals) screen and implemented the following functionalities:

  • The ability to access the TouchUI data almost any tablet device that support Chrome/New Edge browsers

  • The ability to work offline, including the ability to download individual attachments and shift plan reports when offline

  • The ability to switch between light mode, dark mode and red mode on the TouchUI (actuals) screen

  • The refactoring of code to improve performance and remove minor bugs for a better user experience.

Where to next:

We are currently working on the CiteOps Mobile PWA application, the Mobile application will be released in segments starting with the Tasks and KPIs released in December, followed by Shift Plan Checklist and the Shift Report in the New Year.

V24.0 Other Improvement & Bugs


  • Added “ManageAccessibleShiftPlanNotes” Role, on all Schedule screens and Scheduler screen Users will have ability to, for their accessible processes:

  • Add, edit and delete all Task notes (instructions, shift notes and end of shift notes) and Shift Plan's Notes and Safety Notes. The role is designed to work in conjunction with the Task and Deputy Roles.

  • Added “ManageAccessibleShiftPlanResources”, on all Schedule screens and Scheduler screen Users will have the ability to, for their accessible processes:
    Add User & Equipment to shift plans, make Users and Equipment unavailable on shift plans and lend Users and Equipment to other processes as well as the ability to assign/unassign Users and Equipment to schedule tasks.

  • Added the ability Users to specify which Location Tags, they would like to overwrite when importing Locations via the smart import.

  • Added the Equipment “Status Notes” to the Shift Schedule Equipment Columns


  • Fixed miss alignment of minutes and hours labels on the MST context menu.

  • Fixed an issue with the Scheduler, where CiteOps was returning a 500 error when a user dropped a standard job or task into the scheduler assigned an inactive process. CiteOps now excludes inactive processes from the standard job / task process drop down list.

  • Fixed an issue where when using “Location_Create_New” to import locations with spaces in their name via the Scheduled Task import, CiteOps was creating two new locations oppose to one. CiteOps now only correctly creates and assigns one new location.

  • Fixed an issue where when CiteOps was importing spaces after an location’s name when using the Scheduled Task import, CiteOpsnow truncates any spaces.

  • Fixed an issue where the Unit was not appearing on MST tasks.

  • Fixed an issues where when updating location tags on the Scheduler, CiteOpswas refreshing unnecessarily.

  • Fix a range of internalization bugs where the code was missing the localize tag, preventing CiteOps from translating some words into Spanish and Russian.89+

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