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CiteOps Version 24.4.0 (Build number 24.4.0+0)


We are pleased to announce our v24.4 release, the key objective of the release is to reduce the time required to allocate resources to scheduled tasks.

The ability to assign resources to tasks for the upcoming shift is one of the critical & widely used features of CiteOps. The feedback we have received is that the process is often time-consuming and involves too many steps, especially on planning day & during shift handover.

The new features introduced in v24.4 reduce the manual steps required to allocate both equipment and people to schedule tasks by allowing users to assign equipment to standard/planned tasks and operators.

New Features

  • Ability to assign equipment to a default operator

In line with this release's objective, users can assign equipment to an operator, which helps to streamline and speed up the shift setup process, as the operators are now automatically assigned to the tasks when equipment is assigned. Planners & Supervisors can still make changes to the assigned operators quickly and easily on a shift-by-shift basis if and when required.

Double click on the operator to assign their default equipment. Once this is done, they will automatically be assigned to that equipment when they are on Roster. This can be over written if needed on a shift by shift basis.

  • Ability to assign equipment to standard & planned tasks

With the key objective of reducing the time required to assign resources to tasks, users can now assign equipment to standard & planned tasks (including standard job tasks). Planners & Supervisors are no longer required to assign equipment to each task, they are only required to handle the exceptions when equipment is made unavailable.

Benefits include the ability to:

  • Assign equipment to recurring Daily/Weekly services tasks or production tasks (eg, trucks following the bogger for the shift).

  • Imported Work Orders from maintenance management systems automatically have equipment assigned and now if they are moved to the Planned task pane or around in the scheduler they will retain those assigned equipment. Recurring standard tasks like equipment service now have assigned equipment.

Other Improvements


We reduced the total number of calls to the server and removed legacy code, reducing bandwidth utilization and server load - helping improve overall performance when a large number of users are connected to CiteOps.


  • Fixed an issue where users could copy a task to a process, that did not have the task's type enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where CiteOps was returning an error when printing the Shift Schedule report including both attachments and equipment schedule columns.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to scroll through the list of custom reports displayed on the Reports screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the custom reports parameters did not update when changed by a user until the screen was refreshed

Break-in Changes

  • It will no longer be possible to add ad-hoc equipment to the shift plan with the "+" icon

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